Windows Tips

You can install, delete, install again, copy different files and the data is written on your hard drive in different places. This is a permanent process on a computer, the..
In this article we saw how to shut down a PC running on Windows 8. Now we will see how to restart it, when we need it. Like the shut..
Windows 8 is a little annoying with the new Metro(Start) interface and the Start button which behaves differently that in previous versions of Windows. This includes the shut down command,..
When you logoff from the desktop, your computer will have a lock screen with a background image. You can change this image and set one from local hard drive, as..
You can logoff from Windows and, if the computer has a password, you must to enter it when you or someone else want to logon (login).To logoff press Windows +..
Windows allows you to create a "password reset disk" to use it to recover your Windows password, in case you forget it. The "Password Reset Disk" is a file which..
Each user on a computer have the right to access its files and folders.You can control the access to a Windows computer by setting up a password.There are different types..
When we create a new partition, we assign a drive letter such as C:\, D:\, E:\ and so on. You can assign any letter of the alphabet. Anyway, you will..
After you install Windows on a computer, is recommended to make at least another hard drive partition where to keep regular files such as pictures, Word documents, software kits etc.In..
Snipping Tool is an application included in Windows 8/7 which allows you to take screenshots of the entire screen, windows, custom rectangular area or custom shape area from your screen...